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Alberto Valderama

1.- My life before I met Jesus:


I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. I am the second of 4 brothers. We were a happy family until one day my father returned from his job saying that he had been fired because there was a reduction of personnel in the company. From that day my dad started drinking liquor until he became an alcoholic. We live difficult times because the money that he could get was used in the drink and there was no food to eat. My mother suffered all those things in silence. I was not happy. I felt a hole in my life. I tried to fill it up by spending time with my friends, practicing sports or just talking with them. Despite not being a bad person, I still felt that emptiness in my life. Nothing could give me the peace I needed.


2.- How I came to accept Jesus into my life:


One day my aunt Narcisa came to visit us and asked if she could talk with me for a moment. I did not spend much time at home. I was just going to eat and sleep, but that day, for some reason, I was there. She began to tell me how much God loved me and that He sent His Son to die on the cross for me and to forgive my sins. I do not remember hearing that in the Church where we used to go. I only heard of a God who would send us to hell if we did not confess our sins to the priest and if we did not take the communion and obey the Commandments. So that day I invited Jesus to enter in my heart and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. I was 14.


3.- My life since Jesus came in:


After giving my life to Christ, I went out to look at the street and I will never forget that I could see the colors in a brighter way. The sky was bluer. The trees were greener. All the colors had a spectacular shine. But the most important thing was that the emptiness that I felt was no longer there. My parents gave their lives to God and began a huge change in each one of them. My dad left the drink and recovered miraculously from his addiction. We have had many difficulties in our new life after giving ourselves to Christ, but God has always been at our side to strengthen and encourage us.